COVID-19: Terms and Conditions

Cancellation policy

  1. If the holiday needs to be cancelled by you or us for any COVID-19 related reason, we will fully refund any money paid. NB: If booked via an agent, the agent may deduct admin fees.

  2. We will allow cancellation if you are not happy to comply with the terms and conditions stated here.

  3. Full refunds will be given up to the time of arrival only.

  4. No refund will be made in part to individual guests.

  5. No additional compensation will be paid under any circumstance. 

  6. Your holiday will only be cancelled by us only for your own safety.

Your Holiday

  1. Arrival at Oasis Barn should be no earlier than 4:30PM.

  2. Departure should be no later than 9:30AM.

  3. If cleaning is still taking place when you arrive you must remain in your car until the cleaners have left the premises.

  4. No maintenance will be carried out while you are staying at Oasis, unless an emergency. If something goes wrong, we apologise. 

  5. You are asked to keep social distancing from local people to 2 metres. We have an aged population who have been shielding, this makes us vulnerable.

  6. On departure, you must: 

          a.    Strip all beds, including protectors and place in the bags provided.

          b.    Place all towels whether used or not in a separate bag.

          c.    Empty all bins, kitchen and bathroom, remove toilet rolls and put in the outside bins.

          d.    Empty fridges and dispose of contents.

          e.    Empty the coffee machine and dispose of used coffee pods.

          f.     Fill the dishwasher and put on a hot cycle.

          g.    Open all windows.

          h.    Remove any items which were not on the premises when you arrived EG: packaging, stones, shells, food, drink etc.

          i.     Leave the barn clean and tidy.


  1. If we or a member of our team contract COVID-19 your holiday will be cancelled. If this occurs while you are on holiday with us, you will be informed and will be able to stay for the remaining holiday, if you wish to do so.

  2. If any of your party feel ill before arriving, they must stay at home and you may cancel your holiday. 

  3. If any of your party suffer any symptoms of COVID-19 while on holiday, we must be informed, and they must go home. We cannot provide isolation facilities. Any additional costs incurred, as a consequence of, you not leaving on your departure date will be payable in full, which will include, payment for future guests unable to come. 

Government advice

  1. If the government introduces any guidelines that we cannot adhere to, we will cancel your holiday.

  2. You are requested to follow current government guidelines, these include (but are not restricted to) the appropriate wearing of face masks and size and structure of indoor and outdoor gatherings.

  3. You must maintain social distancing.

  4. If a local lock-down is put in place here, we will cancel your holiday.

  5. If a local lock-down is put in place in your home town you must cancel your holiday.

Amenities / Provisions

  1. We may need to restrict access to communal areas based on government advice. You will be informed before your arrival.

  2. We may need to remove provisions from the barn based on government advice. You will be informed before your arrival.


  1. Travel insurance is recommended, some will now cover for COVID-19 whilst on holiday.

  2. Despite our best efforts you are staying at Oasis at your own risk.

  3. We will provide our COVID-19 risk assessment. 

  4. We will provide our COVID-19 cleaning protocols.

  5. You will have to provide names/addresses/phone numbers of all adult guests (to be used for NHS track/trace only and no other purpose)

  6. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions, will result in total loss of damage deposit.